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Tricks and glamour inhabit TRANSCENDENT!

Sisters Bun and Gowdie Blackmun live in a secluded home in the Clinch Mountains of Virginia where wanton spirits haunt the surrounding woods. When Gowdie is interrupted from her daily chores and strays off the path she finds herself asking questions she's never considered before. The routine of their once simple lives is forever broken and quickly causes tension to build in their otherwise trusting relationship. The Love Talker and his companion, The Red Head, corrupt Gowdie with temptation and rob her of her innocence at the young age of fourteen. Secrets are revealed of their mother's past and a plan in set for each of the sister's demise. Come be a fly on the wall of this one-act thriller but take into account a warning from The Red Head, "You opened the door...ain't no taking a welcome back."

Show runs just over an hour w/ no intermission!

Libations by donations available served in mason jars!

Contains sexual content.

Opening: Thursday, October 15th at 8PM
Regular Run times: Thursdays and Fridays at 8PM, Oct 16- 29th and a closing performance with a set/ prop silent auction on Oct 30th at 8pm.

TICKETS: Can be found at
Cost: $17 pre-purchased online/ $20 at the door

Performances will be held at:
1434 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622